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Vatika Hair Oil Cactus 200ml (36Pc)

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About this Item

  • Vatika Naturals Cactus Enriched Hair Oil is enriched with the goodness of Cactus, Ginger & Garlic
  • Dabur is a 100 year old company, providing the best in personal care products.
  • Cactus contains a substance similar to caratine, a natural protein in hair cells, in addition to containing many acids that work on the strength and shine of hair.


Exposure to harsh elements and hair treatments weakens the hair from the roots thereby increasing hair lossVatika Cactus Enriched Hair Oil contains the nourishing extracts of Cactus, Garger & Garlic which gives your hair and scalp complete nourishment thereby helps control hair fall.

Hair Problem : Hair Loss due to external fact ors which weakens the hair roots

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