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Nadstar8 Dinner Set 47pcs Porcelain Black RSPD001

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Nadstar8 Dinner Set 47pcs Porcelain Black RSPD001

Original price was: Sh123,500.Current price is: Sh95,000.



  • 47 Pieces set
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Microwave Safe
  • Avoid Cleaning with abrasives
  • May break, crack or shatter if not handled carefully
  • Plastic bags and other packing may be
  • Broken stoneware is Sharp may cause Injury
  • Do not use product if cracked / chipped

Comes WIth:

  • 8 x 26.7CM Porcelain Dinner Plates
  • 8 x 19CM Dessert Plates
  • 8 x 20.3CM Soup Plate
  • 8 x 220ML Cups
  • 8 x 13CM Saucers
  • 1 Sugar Pot
  • 1 Creamer
  • 1 1 Liter Tea Pot
  • 1 x 22.8CM Big Bowl
  • 1 x 35.5CM Oval Plate

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