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Yorker Commercial Blender 2L 1800w Y3004EG

Sh755,000 Sh533,000

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Yorker Commercial Blender 2L 1800w Y3004EG

Our Price

Sh755,000 Sh533,000

Our Price

Sh755,000 Sh533,000

Questions? Get In Touch
Yorker Commercial Blender 2L 1800w Y3004EG

Sh755,000 Sh533,000

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Yorker Ice Crusher Automatic Blender 2 Liters Y3004EG

  • Jar-Made of Eastman Tritan Copoleyster, unbreakable BPA free, Specially designed to create a powerful vortex force ingredients up from the blade and back down the center for thorough processing, Filler cap to add ingredients while blending.
  • Base – Unbreakable and heat proof poly carbonate housing.
  • Peak Power – 1800W.
  • Sound insulation devise mounted in base.
  • High speed setting. Max momentary speed of 29,000 RPM is allowed. Especially the ice-crushing button, not only handles ice crushing well, but also deals perfectly with thick, and large food materials.
  • Pulse-start and stop command to refresh recipes and create a variety of textures. Preprogrammed button for ice crushing – When the button is pushed, a preprogrammed cycle automatically stop and start then shut-off when cycle is complete.
  • Integrated PCB safety control and protection. Automatic shut-off for over load protection.
  • Smart PCB proceeds self-check for overload auto-thermal protection, under-voltage and over-voltage protection and current protection. Prevents hazard to user by improper use and damage to blender.
  • Triton (BPA Free) Jar, FDA certified.
  • PC unbreakable plastic for motor base and cover.
  • High Temperature resistant double ball bearings.
  • Imported durable double oil seal.
  • Dedicated SS Titanium coated bladed leaves.
  • Powerful 2.5HP (1800W) motor with 29,000RPM.
  • 4-speed control offers free choice for any ideal creation.
  • LED Display, adjustable timer.
  • Pulse/Flash Button
  • Two Part spill proof lid.
  • Unbreakable Jar, 2L.
  • High Quality NSK ball bearing and Teflon seal for low friction and durability.
  • Full-copper, powerful motor, high RPM for efficiency, auto overheat cut-off.
  • Overload protection.
  • Metal-to-metal blade and socket stainless steel retainer.
  • Multi-functional blender, fine chop, grind or fully blend ingredients, dry or wet blending, paste or smoothie, ice-crushing.
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