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Eid Gift Certificate

Eid Gift Certificate

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Give someone the perfect gift! Give them the opportunity to choose from thousands of products already on our website as a gift from you.
Our gift-cards are the ideal present for any occasion.

Sh10,000 - Sh3,000,000


(Recipient will receive the gift card on selected date)

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Our gift cards are the best way to give someone a gift whilst knowing they can get what they want.

That is why zudua is the preferred online gift card store for

1. Corporate competitions
2. Employee Motivation & Rewards
3. Birthday Parties
4. Anniversary
5. Christmas
6. Eid
7. Many more…

Sometimes, you don’t even need a reason to give someone a gift.

With the send date feature you can set when you would like the card to be delivered so you will never forget that special occasion again.

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Sh10,000 - Sh3,000,000
Sh10,000 - Sh3,000,000